Hi! If you’ve stumbled across this corner of the Internet, either by accident or purposely, then I am both surprised and pleased. Regardless… welcome! I’m Maddie. Just Maddie is fine.

I’m currently a Journalism student who fully realises the rarity of actually landing a job in the industry without prior experience or some well-timed luck. So I’ve started this blog in an attempt to pad out my resume a little– well, okay, that might be a secondary reason.

But the primary reason is that I love to write. I especially love to write about things I love, hence why this blog is going to be a collection of book, game and film reviews. Because, of course, I don’t love all books, games and films, so by being diverse I get to only review the ones I do like. Yeah, yeah, everyone does it, don’t act so surprised.

It won’t only be reviews, of course, because I get bored of doing the same thing repetitively. So, at times it will delve into current issues that I care about, although how often this’ll happen I can’t really say. Still, if you’re here and reading all this, you must be curious! I hope you find my writing at least semi-interesting and, if you don’t agree with me, that at least I’ve made you think for a millisecond or two. That’s what writing’s all about, after all.