A sparse cover with watercoloured patches. "The Birdseed: Vol 1: Issue 3 | December 2021."

Two Stories in The Birdseed

I’m happy to have had two pieces of micro fiction published in the most recent issue of The Birdseed magazine! “Train of Tulle” evokes the feeling of “stumbling across a place or a person that makes you believe, against all odds, in magic”, while “Kneading” explores death as “a mystery that we must all explore, …

Pitch Wars: #Pitmad. A forest camping scene by night, with warm light spilling from an open tent flap.
Acceptances Progress

2021 in Writing

The year isn’t over yet, but a lot has happened already. In 2021 I finished my manuscript—which I will talk about later! At the moment, I’m working on further edits and revisions. I had a blast participating in #PitMad for the first time in September. I also started submitting some stories (instead of just hoarding …