A taupe cover with a detailed dark line or cross-hatching style artwork of a distorted humanoid face with bulging eyes. "Wrongdoing Magazine" is written over the top.
Acceptances Order Now

Pre-order “Mind Your Hat”

Only a week until the third issue of Wrongdoing Magazine is released, featuring my short story “Mind Your Hat”. I’ve seen the proofs and this is a beautiful volume—and huge at over 300 pages!

The gorgeous print copy is available to pre-order for a limited time (until the 20th of May).

A high-quality PDF will also be made available on the 15th of May at 0.99 CAD.

Register for a pre-order today in time for the grand release! I have also recorded an excerpt from my story…

In other news and following on the heels of my acceptance to Boats Against the Current, I have had another poem accepted for publication! “Hope at Its Core” will be appearing in the upcoming second issue of Amphora Magazine. More details to come.

(Source for post image: Wrongdoing Magazine.)