An AI-generated image in sunset hues showing an abstract, dream-like image which might suggest cloud, steps, rock formations, a skyline, or who knows what. Something like a figure in silhouette is at the bottom-left. "Our Own Mythologies: Amphora Magazine"

Two Poems Out

Can you believe that June is already over? I’ve had two new publications this month, both released online. My sonnet “Vaticinated” is out now with Boats Against the Current. Elsewhere, my villanelle “Hope at Its Core” is in the second issue of Amphora Magazine. Please give them a read! (Source for post image: Amphora Magazine.)

Black-and-white magazine cover. "Chronos: Part One; Volume 1, Issue 2, Vocivia Magazine; July 2022". Several people stand silhouetted in front of a large clock-face. From the Roman numerals on the clock face, we can see that we're inside the clock, as in a tower.

Winter News

I’ve been remiss in not sharing updates for a bit—there were just too many! (Not a bad complaint to have, is it?) Some of this news I’ve mentioned before and some of it is actually new, but let’s get it all in one place. Newly Published — “Mind Your Hat” in Wrongdoing Magazine It’s a big …