Black-and-white magazine cover. "Chronos: Part One; Volume 1, Issue 2, Vocivia Magazine; July 2022". Several people stand silhouetted in front of a large clock-face. From the Roman numerals on the clock face, we can see that we're inside the clock, as in a tower.
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Winter News

I’ve been remiss in not sharing updates for a bit—there were just too many! (Not a bad complaint to have, is it?) Some of this news I’ve mentioned before and some of it is actually new, but let’s get it all in one place.

Newly Published — “Mind Your Hat” in Wrongdoing Magazine

Newly Accepted — “A Perfectly Worldly Poison” in Oranges Journal

  • Due for publication on the 7th of July. Oranges has a strong mission statement and a focus on empowerment, with a slant towards mental health topics. AND my short story will soon be there!

Upcoming —

  • “Vaticinated” in Boats Against the Current
    • Expected release: 18th June
  • “Hope at Its Core” in Amphora Magazine
  • “If the Shoe Fits(?)” in Swim Press
    • Pre-orders closed
    • Digital and print issues will be available on release
  • “A Hitch in Time (Is Not Fine)” in Vocivia Magazine
  • “Blister & Blain” in B O N E M I L K

(Source for post image: Vocivia Magazine.)