2021 in Writing

The year isn’t over yet, but a lot has happened already.

In 2021 I finished my manuscript—which I will talk about later! At the moment, I’m working on further edits and revisions. I had a blast participating in #PitMad for the first time in September.

I also started submitting some stories (instead of just hoarding them forever on my Google drive). As a result, I’m looking forward to the publication of two pieces of micro fiction (“Kneading” and “Train of Tulle”) in The Birdseed; a short story (“Blister & Blain”) in Gutslut Press’ B O N E M I L K online and print anthologies; and a longer piece (“Honey Trap”) with Crow & Crosskeys.

I have other story ideas percolating so stay tuned for future announcements! ✨

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